twin screws

Screw from Dia. 25 mm to 200 mm & Length upto 6000mm

BASE MATERIAL: Screws are made from nitroalloy steel (AISI 4340 NITRALLOY 135M), stainless steel (304, 316, 416,17-4ph), Tool steel & CPM tool steel

Twin Screw & Barrel Applications

Higher proportion calcium powder is used in the parallel/conical screw process in these days. Based on this fact, kaivanya manufactures the best cofigured screw according to the client’s requirement. So the best plasticization status and blending quality are achieved. New configured screws, which can be applicable to process PVC sheet, plate, piece, pellet, mould, high foaming, are developed by Kaivanya Factory. Also, anticorrosion and wear resistant materials are developed to better the life and enhance productivity.

Twin Screw & Barrel innovations

  • New configured screws, which can be applied to process PVC pipes & profiles are developed by kaivanya
  • Anticorrosion & wear resistant material.
  • Polymer material can be sheared & compressed more softly in screw.
  • The twin-screw are more effective than other types, because of their high capacity and good thermal and mechanical stress.
  • Ease of Application – The powder mixing with chemical additives and melting with thermal and mechanical energy in three zones (feed, compression and material zone) and because of gear pump and screw’s pressure, converting  to final product in latest plate.
  • Hardening process of twin screw & barrel set