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Minerals, Glassfibers, Pigment, Carbon fibers

Minerals, Glassfibers, Pigment, Carbon fibers

Custom-tailored for variety of resins

Increased /Higher Melting Efficiency

Best plasticization status and blending quality.

Specialized Tool Sleeve Groove Sleeves

Good for custom molding applications

Enhance productivity & Fulfill to output

Finished best quality and energy consumption is the lowest

KAIVANYA EXTRUSION TECHNIK Company is a work team of manufacturers, sales & professionals design plastic machinery screw & barrel. Specialized aimed to service the injection & extrusion plastic products and enterprises & we engaged in the particular design the screw & barrel as our customized, technical guide, sales & export etc.

Meanwhile, we manufacture extruders of all kinds of plastic machinery, such as single screw extruders for blown film sheet extrusion, Compounding extruders and recycling extruders, twin screw Extruders, and rubber extruders to meet all the customers’ requirements.


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