single screw extruder

Series of extruders screw from kaivanya will ensure of its best performance. Finished product quality is the best and energy consumption is the lowest. Based on the conditions of different mordern extrusion process and the increasing usage of additives & modifiers, kaivanya factory has explored screw and barrels with anticorrosion & wear resistance properties which is applicable to high speed and pressure process.

Main forms of extruders screws are as follows gradual change, abrupt change, wave, barrier, distributary, sepration, air discharge, pin, blending, head-variation, triple-head, etc. These are applicable to the process of different shapes of materials such  as powder, pellet, flake and cotton-like materials and applied in the extrusion for sheet, pellet, carbon, food, chemical fiber etc.


  • PVC Film Plant/ PPTQ Film Plant
  • Lamination Film Plant
  • Blown Film (Mono Layer)
  • Tape Plant
  • Multi Layer Film Plant



  • Air Bubble Sheet Plant
  • PP Sheet Plant
  • HIPS Sheet Plant
  • PVC Sheet Plant
  • Thermo Forming Sheet Plant


  • PVC Pipe Manufacturer (U PVC, RPVC, CPVC)
  • HDPE Pipe Manufacturer
  • PVC Braided Pipe Plant
  • PVC Suction Hose Pipe
  • PVC Soft Tubing Plan


  • Reprocess Granules plant (2 stage, 1 stage).
  • Compounding plant (MasterBatch, filler plant)