extrusion screws

Screw from Dia. 25 mm to 200 mm & Length upto 6000mm

BASE MATERIAL: Screws are made from nitroalloy steel (AISI 4340 NITRALLOY 135M), stainless steel (304, 316, 416, 17-4ph), Tool steel & CPM tool steel.

HARDENING & HEAT TREATMENT: Toughening, Tempering, Gas/Ion Nitriding& Additional Bimetallic Coatings can be incorporated. We also do special surface treatment like hard nickel plating, chrome plating & PVD coatings, HVOF Thermalspray & PTA weld overlay, vacuum through hardend screws.

High productive smooth barrier meltpro screw with a mixer 

This barrier screw has proven its value in more than 30 years of field experience.

High productive groovefed barrier meltpro screw with a mixer

Open & closed barrier melt & solid seperated channels based designs screws delivers higher throughput at lower melt temperatures at higher melting efficiency. Has proven its benefits in processing polyolefins, PET, ABS and PLA in various extrusion & blow molding processes.

Screw Barrel Applications

  • Blow molding: HDPE, PP
  • Sheet Plant : Air Bubble, PP, HIPS, PVC, Cast PP
  • Film Plant : PVC, Blown Film (Mono Multi Layer), Tape, lamination
  • Pipe Plant : PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, PVC Suction, PVC Soft, PVC
  • Pallet Plant : Recycling, Master Batch, & Filler


  • Increased /Higher Melting Efficiency
  • Improved output/stability
  • Improved mixing in the melt channel
  • Improved physical properties