barrel singles/twin front & rear barrel

Barrel from Dia. 25 mm to 200 mm & Length upto 6000mm

Barrels processed with bimetallic alloy centifugal casting have many virtues, such as high hardness, stronger wear & corrosion resistance. Its general properties are three to five times more compared to the nitriding steel. They are wildly used for highly abrasive & corrosive materials like engineering polymers and pvc compounds. The bimetallic process used in world as advanced technology for better life with consistent production and quality. It is the best choice for  production special barrels. Like nitride bimetallic single & twin/ front & Rear bimettalic barrel.

  • PM Tool steel  &  Specialized Tool Steel vacuum hardened Barrels
  • Spin cast boron composite inlay layer Barrel (1.5-2mm)
  • Spin cast (upto 35%) Tungsten composite inlay layer Barrel
  • PM Tool Sleeve and liners (CPM 9V)
  • Specialized Tool Sleeve Groove Sleeves

Barrel For:

Injection | Extrusion | Blow Moulding | Twin Extrusion